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The Story of a Boy and a Tree

The Story of a Boy and a Tree

As Salaamu‘alaykum and peace to all,

“A son’s sacrifice towards his parents is not complete until a situation arises whereby he buys and frees his parents from becoming slaves.” As we already know, we cannot deny the greatness of our beloved parent’s sacrifice, how they have spent most of the time lives to secure our future; their children’s future. From the time we were infants until we become useful people, they care for us. This is a story that relates to their sacrifice; a story about a boy and a tree in a countryside.

Once upon a time, when a boy was a small child, he used to play with a particular tree everyday as a hobby. Tree was very happy and wished that it could stop time from going on so that it could stay with the boy forever. But time goes on by and the boy gradually grows older day by day, year by year. Eventually, he doesn’t play with the tree anymore. So, the tree becomes very sad and lonely.

One gloomy morning, as the tree was standing alone, remembering the happy days they had together, it got a shock joy as the boy come back. He had come to ask for money and the tree didn’t hesitates even the least to give and sacrifice all it had with its capability, shedding all its leaves to give to the boy, leaving it bare and cold. The boy went away happily but didn’t return for along time.

A few years passed by and the boy has grown into a handsome man. Eventually, he came back to visit the tree, asking yet another favor for wood to build of his house. Once again, the tree sacrificed itself and was partly cut down. But again, the boy left the tree alone and never come back anymore.

In this story, the tree symbolizes our parents. The reality today is just as such. Children never appreciate their parents’ sacrifice but always asking for more. Parents, on the other hand, never abandon their children’s hope and sacrifice all they could. Some nowadays think that money could pay for what they have done, that is by giving their parents money. Actually, this concept is totally wrong.

Always remember, love has no substitute, be it billions of dollars or ringgit, no value can match the price of love. One thing need to remember is that, even if you service your parent for whole of your life, you still cannot pay for what they have done for you. The parent’s sacrifices are invaluable.

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